Electronic Charting App for Doctors on the iPad

iPad EMR Electronic Charting solution for Doctors, Gynecologists, MD, DO, FNP and Chiropractors

Mobile Healthcare EHR Features : Electronic Charting, Medical Records, Health History, SOAP charting, Pregnancy information, Physical exams, ROS, Lab Integration, Infant exams, Maternal exams, Labor & Delivery, Billing and Document Signing and so much more!

Welcome to the Mobile HealthCare EHR. If you were searching for computer software to help you with electonic charting, consider the benefits of using an iPad app instead. With our iPad app you can use your software even where there is no internet available. iPad's are light, easy to carry, low cost and and faster to start up or come out of sleep then a laptop computer.

Mobile HealthCare EHR is an Electronic Health Records app for the iPad so you can chart your breastfeeding consultations from anywhere using your tablet. Our Tablet app uses an iCloud of our own that keeps your information safe and secure even if your iPad gets lost or destroyed. And don't worry, your information is encrypted on the iPad and secured with a Practice Name, User Name and password of your choosing.

As laptop computer's phase out and tablets such as the iPad take over the computer software industry, you probably want to be sure you invest in Electronic Medical Record software that will not be obsolete in a few years and be forced to retrain your team with something new. Tablets can be used with keyboards like laptops or you can use the touch screen.

As a Doctor, what if you are at a patient's home or the hospital and you need to know the health history, medications and allergies of a patient and there is no internet available? Mobile HealthCare EHR works with or without an internet connection. When an internet signal is later detected your data is synchronized with our cloud based servers.

Computer software and website EMR solutions cannot be accessed from all locations and as a Care Provider you know that you may need to access patient records anywhere at anytime. Even if there is internet access how can you access a web-based EHR if the power goes out, the internet goes down or you have to do a fast last-minute in-hospital consultation. Tablets are light-weight, instantly awake and have battery life that last for days or even weeks. So before you choose your EMR/EHR solution consider your accessibility needs and try out Mobile Healthcare EHR for free on the iPad and get ready for paperless charting!